Monday, January 31, 2011

The Scent of Heaven

Through the years I’ve come to realize one invaluable truth. The world is a magnificent place. When I look out my window, my mind spins at the beauty I see. The morning is my all-time favorite, when the sun is just rising. The sky in the east is dyed pink, purple, blue, orange, yellow. The tips of the trees turn a rosy red, making it seem like they’re alive and filled with energy. The sun rises higher in the sky, splashing across the gorgeous mountains surrounding my house. The leaves on the trees glitter, waving in the wind, almost as if they’re prized jewels on the slender hand of a woman. They wave slowly, without an intention or purpose in mind. They do it just because. But, the beauty of the world is not only seen. You can hear, smell, and even feel it. If I were to open my window at the same time the sun was rising, I would hear the sounds of the world around me awakening. I’d hear the songs of a thousand different birds, waking up and preparing for another day. I’d hear the sound of the water from the spring trickling down the steep hill just down the road. Not only that, I would hear the sound of the wind swishing through the tree branches, feel it’s cool freshness on my face and arms, smell the scent of freshly blooming flowers that it carries for the pleasure of all. I would feel the warmth of the sun, splashing its golden light onto my outstretched hands. In a rush of delight I would grab a jacket, pull on my shoes, and go for a stroll in the newly awakened woods. I would pass by the stream; run my fingers in the cool liquid. I would touch the wild flowers, blooming in beautiful arrays by the stream, nourished by the untainted waters. Their petals feel like velvet on my skin, their scent like heaven. The clear morning sky brings the promise of a new day, a chance for new things, new experiences, and new opportunities to learn. It’s a chance to refresh your mind, and your heart.

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