About Me

I was born in Anchorage, Alaska, nearly 15 years ago. I know what you're thinking; "Do you live in igloos?" The answer is no, we don't live in igloos, but we do ride polar bears and moose to school. If I went to school..which I don't. Because I am home schooled, and have been home schooled since kindergarten. I absolutely love all my school. Except math and science...well, depending on what kind of science is...Anyway, my family has some kind of genetic problem with math (i.e., we all suck at it).

I love History (especially the history about America), and writing and reading. Obviously I love to write, considering this blog. I also love photography, and to sing, dance, act, draw...I love the arts. I am currently taking ballet, jazz, and lyrical at Sonja's Studio here in Wasilla where I am currently living. My poem Sonja's Studio is about when I did my play Twelfth Night (directed by my brother, Andrew Smith) at Sonja's Studio and my friends and I snuck (no that wasn't a word, but it is now!) upstairs into one of the many studio room thingies (in this case, the Green Room), and messed around (i.e., danced). I am LDS (aka, Mormon, and yes, we do believe in Jesus Christ), and you might find a couple slightly religious poems, or maybe just something in the poem that's religious, like The Second Coming. 

A lot of my poems are my own feelings, mostly exaggerated to make the poem better, but a lot are feelings I interpreted from books, people in my life, movies, and sometimes just random impressions. I write for my own pleasure, and not to impress anyone else with my "skills". Comments are greatly appreciated, I love to hear from my readers (whatever readers I may have).

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, feel free to email me at dancewrite4ever@yahoo.com