My Favorites

Okay, it's really hard to pick my favorites, but here they are!

Do you hate me? Do you want me to go away?
Do you love me? Do you want me to stay?
Cuz I dunno what’s going on with you,
But I’m trying to move on, that’s your cue,
Step up, act like a man, raise your chin,
Let me shake your hand, let’s part as friends,
Trust me when I explain, I really liked you,
I wish we could’ve worked, but it wasn’t true,
I made a promise to myself and to God,
And I am trying my best to hold to the Iron Rod,
Stop enticing me, leave my head alone,
I know you don't mean to, but you make me feel so alone,
And you make me feel bad, because everyone says I was a jerk,
But I'm not ready for love, all I meant was to flirt,
And you scared me, don't you understand me by now?
But you're gone, you forgot, it doesn't matter how.

When the mind and heart are tangled,
Fighting love and logic,
When ones throat feels tight and strangled,
Leaving one’s middle sick
When tears are tempted down pale cheeks,
Making red lips tremble,
When legs stand immobile and weak,
No one moves a muscle
When two hearts or a luckless one,
Fall deeply into love,
When their soul-mate’s finally won,
They’ll thank heaven above
Then life’s perception starts to change,
The pieces seem to fall apart,
Like a puzzle we rearrange,
Giving us a new start

You say you’ll always love me,
That I have your heart,
You say you’ll never leave me,
That we’ll never be apart.
I said it wouldn’t work,
Don’t you understand?
Don’t reel me in again,
Don’t reach out your hand.
You know of course I’ll take it,
As you pull me bit by bit,
You teach me commands,
Speak, roll-over, sit.
I cover my ears with my hands,
And hide my face in my arms,
Hiding from your magic spell,
From your irresistible charm.
As much as I care for you,
It’s only as a friend,
You say you’ll always love me,
Your heart will never mend.
Gosh, you know you’re sweet,
And lovable to boot,
But I am not in love with you,
That’s the irrefutable truth.

This next one is my absolute favorite. Of all time.

When you tell me to go out in the dark,
I’m trusting you,
When you say to hold your hand and jump,
I’m believing in you,
When you tell me everything’s gonna be okay,
You better be right,
When I’m upset and can’t seem to cope,
I want you to hold me tight,
When I’m happy and full of life and laughter,
I want you to laugh with me,
When I fall silent and look at your lips,
I want you to kiss me,
When you’re sad and need a hug,
I hope you tell me,
When life gets tough and you feel alone,
Please trust me,
When you want to be with someone,
I hope you come to me,
When you want to love someone,
Love me.