Monday, February 14, 2011


You say you’ll always love me,
That I have your heart,
You say you’ll never leave me,
That we’ll never be apart.
I said it wouldn’t work,
Don’t you understand?
Don’t reel me in again,
Don’t reach out your hand.
You know of course I’ll take it,
As you pull me bit by bit,
You teach me commands,
Speak, roll-over, sit.
I cover my ears with my hands,
And hide my face in my arms,
Hiding from your magic spell,
From your irresistible charm.
As much as I care for you,
It’s only as a friend,
You say you’ll always love me,
Your heart will never mend.
Gosh, you know you’re sweet,
And lovable to boot,
But I am not in love with you,
That’s the irrefutable truth.


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