Monday, May 2, 2011

We Broke Up

You WHAT?!
You idiot, you blockhead, you pile of trash,
You carcass face, you nasal face, I’ll burn you in a flash,
Go thou and fill another room in hell,
Go bang your head inside a bell!
Point your feet where thou and mine shall henceforth never meet!
I hope you go into a crowded room and can’t find a seat!
I’ll boil you in oil, castor oil! Savory brew, boyface stew!
You dull worm, you slime face, you thin faced knave!
From her hands her heart she willingly gave!
You abomination to mankind, you odd ball, you creep!
Watch out, I’ll cut your throat when you sleep!
Die horrid monster! Die crooked fool!
You dishonorable boy, you freak, that was uncool!
What’s that you say? It was a joke?
You weirdy, *poke*


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