Friday, May 13, 2011

Perfect Fit

You’re scared, and you know it,
You’re acting a fool, and you show it,
You’re heart has been snatched up,
And now’s not the time to give up.
You’ve got to go for the win,
You’ve got a chance, however slim.
Being apart isn’t good for your health,
Do what others didn’t, believe in yourself,
You and him are perfect together,
You can talk about anything, including the weather.
Sometimes fighting is hard, but it only makes you stronger,
However much you fight, you know you’ll hold longer.
Be the example for those who lose hope,
Don’t give up, even if you’re on a downward slope,
I want to cry because you guys are losing,
Please don’t give up, look at the path you’re choosing,
You know you can do it, and so do I,
You can make this work, or better, you can make it FLY.



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Bri said...

You know, every time I read this poem, I feel even more humiliated?