Monday, February 8, 2010

A Stream

A stream on a mountain,
Flowing smoothly across rocks,
Girgling in a musical tune,
So I take off my socks.
I waded in a ways,
The icy water on my knees,
It gurgled on down,
Past the open seas.
Dark fish weren't to be found,
In this humble little stream,
Though the sun shone on it,
With a happy golden gleam.
Bright colored rocks,
Visible from the surface,
Sat at the bottom,
Like a tiny little circus.
There was a little stream,
Running down a mountain,
It ran right into,
A wishing fountain.

Monday, February 1, 2010


I hear my heart beating,

I'm laying in bed,

Something is aching,

Something pounding in my head,

I'm burning up all over,

But I'm shivering from the cold,

I pull the blankets round me,

I feel like some kind of mold,

All alone I suffer,

All alone I am,

I can feel my face draining,

I'm as white as a clam.