Monday, January 31, 2011

The Scent of Heaven

Through the years I’ve come to realize one invaluable truth. The world is a magnificent place. When I look out my window, my mind spins at the beauty I see. The morning is my all-time favorite, when the sun is just rising. The sky in the east is dyed pink, purple, blue, orange, yellow. The tips of the trees turn a rosy red, making it seem like they’re alive and filled with energy. The sun rises higher in the sky, splashing across the gorgeous mountains surrounding my house. The leaves on the trees glitter, waving in the wind, almost as if they’re prized jewels on the slender hand of a woman. They wave slowly, without an intention or purpose in mind. They do it just because. But, the beauty of the world is not only seen. You can hear, smell, and even feel it. If I were to open my window at the same time the sun was rising, I would hear the sounds of the world around me awakening. I’d hear the songs of a thousand different birds, waking up and preparing for another day. I’d hear the sound of the water from the spring trickling down the steep hill just down the road. Not only that, I would hear the sound of the wind swishing through the tree branches, feel it’s cool freshness on my face and arms, smell the scent of freshly blooming flowers that it carries for the pleasure of all. I would feel the warmth of the sun, splashing its golden light onto my outstretched hands. In a rush of delight I would grab a jacket, pull on my shoes, and go for a stroll in the newly awakened woods. I would pass by the stream; run my fingers in the cool liquid. I would touch the wild flowers, blooming in beautiful arrays by the stream, nourished by the untainted waters. Their petals feel like velvet on my skin, their scent like heaven. The clear morning sky brings the promise of a new day, a chance for new things, new experiences, and new opportunities to learn. It’s a chance to refresh your mind, and your heart.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Miss You

I feel lost,
No one to cling to,
I feel lost,
No one to sing to.
My mind is lost,
I am so confused,
My mind is lost,
I’ve been so misused.
My heart would race,
Every time I’d text you,
My heart would race,
Every time I’d see you.
My imagination runs,
I really miss you,
My imagination runs,
Wish I could kiss you.
My life goes on,
You’ll never come back,
My life goes on,
But it’s still off track.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stretched to the Limit

My hair is curled,
My clothes are clean,
My face is smiling,
My misery is unseen.

In reality,
I haven't showered in days,
Cuz when she asksfor something,
I'm the one who obeys.

I don't have time for me,
Whenever she's around,
She gets a headache,
From anything and any sound.

I wash babies,
And fold all the clothes,
My outward appearance shows indifference,
I'm the only one who knows.

My pain is growing,
Gnawing me from inside,
I can't take it anymore,
There's nowhere to hide.

An outburst of anger,
Of hatred...and fear,
She doesn't understand,
Or she doesn't really care.

I hush children,
And occupy their minds,
When they can't sleep,
I sing lullabies.

She lays in her bed,
Sick with a tummy ache,
While I bustle around,
Looking for a dinner to make.

My head is bursting,
My hair went flat,
I threw up twice,
But she'll never know that.

No sympathy would come,
Just accusations and reprimands,
I must bow down to the Queen,
And do as she cammands.

I scrub toilets and change diapers,
I make beds and skip showers,
I rub her feet instead of doing school,
I even tried giving her some flowers.

I yell at children,
To stop annoying her,
That don't understand,
There's no use toying with her.


Saturday, January 1, 2011


The first ship,
Sailed on the sea,
Carrying with it,
A large company.

They landed on Plymouth,
And signed a compact,
For God and for King,
They made this contract.

Their burdens were heavy,
Their lives were hard,
They were visionaries,
To none are compared.

Their lineage leads,
To the making of,
A nation and country,
That we all know and love.

Men fought for it,
Men died in battle,
They sacrificed their lives,
Generals sit in their saddle.

America the beautiful,
America the sweet,
Home of the brave,
Who died on their feet.

America was made,
By the hands of the people,
And two lanterns lit,
In the churches steeple.

George Washignton,
Patrick Henry,
John Adams,
and John Quincey.

Abraham Lincoln,
and Robert E. Lee,
These are the people,
Who made this country.


Little Boys

They're bouncing all around,
They're making lots of noises,
They're jumping up and down,
Their cheeks are red as roses.

They're hitting a balloon,
With plates taped to rulers,
Over a red piece of string,
They must be homeschoolers.

A shout of Boo!
A scream of no!
Running this way,
All around they go!

They're wild and crazy,
They stumble over toys,
I think you might've guessed,
"They" are little boys.



My stomach is tight,
My throat is dry,
My fingers are twitching,
I let out a sigh.

My head is pounding,
My face is red,
My lips are moving,
My tongue feels like lead.

I feel a bit faint,
My face is paling,
I need to lay down,
My heart is failing.

I'm a bit better now,
Just a little bit so,
So I stand up,
And now you know.



A small flower,
Purple in hue,
With yellow seeds,
Isn't it beau'?

Bees are buzzing,
Around our heads,
Flying towards,
The flower beds.

Crickets chirping,
Around the clock,
Ants are crawling,
Around the block.

The birds are flying,
In tight formation,
The sun is shining,
I'll need sun tan lotion.


A Still Pond

A still pond,
Black as night,
The stars shining,
With a small light.

Reflecting my face,
Pale in the moon's might,
My eyes flashing,
A wondrous sight.

The pond's blue face,
Ripples from a drop of rain,
Disturbing the light,
Driving me insane.

The pond is still there,
Peaceful once again,
The moon shining bright,
This is the end.



Something is coming,
Something is near,
I feel like running,
So it can be here.

Somethign exciting,
Something I feel,
A tingle in my stomach,
Maybe a meal?

No, more important,
I can't seem to find,
A secret that's kept,
From my great little mind.

Just a peek,
I want to know,
I almost squeak,
I see a bow!

A brightly rapped box,
A card that pays,
I completely forgot,


Why Becca Barnes,
She's fantastic,
She loves to play,
And be sarcastic.

She's got blonde hair,
And sparkling blue eyes,
She's short and thin,
Despite how much she loves pies.

A better friend,
You couldn't get,
No way no how,
So don't forget.

That Becca Barnes,
Is one of a kind,
And she's the brightest star,
That ever did shine!


(Tried to put something about celery in there, but it didn't work ;)


She has red hair,
And freckles on her nose,
She's got pearly teeth,
And is pretty as a rose.

She is a bit tall,
But it fits her just right,
She's as graceful as a swan,
When she dances in the light.

Her voice is like a bell,
When she sings holiday carols,
She's my bestest friend,
No matter what quarrels!


Young Love

A red couch,
A brown pillow,
A comfy quilt,
Sweet, I know.

They sit right there,
They whisper low,
Holding hands,
Time moving slow.

Smiling faces,
Short giggles,
A quiet laugh,
Small chills.

A young gentleman,
A little lady,
His name is Christopher,
Her name is Ashley.

Stars sparkle,
She glows so bright,
Compliments from him,
All this night.

And here we leave them,
These lovers two,
They need some privacey,
Wouldn't you?


Civil War

Guns fire,
Confusion everywhere,
Smoke billows high,
The red guns flare.

It blinds the men,
Who are shooting,
Men diving for cover,
Their muskets need loading.

Generals shouting,
Horses neighing,
Cannons blowing,
Dead men laying.

They're piled high,
These men who fought,
Bravey they fell,
Though cruelly rought.

Confusion dies down,
The battle is won and lost,
Woman wear black gowns.

The war is done,
Many men died,
And all agree,
It was a tough ride.


A Sweet Thing

A little crush,
That's what it is,
She's sitting there,
What is this?

He's wearing a black shirt,
I don't like to stare,
But I can't help it,
I want to squeeze him like a Teddy Bear.

She's bad at Ninja,
She gets out every time,
But that's okay,
She's so divine.

My mind is racing,
He knows so much,
My hand is tingling,
At his touch.

-Bri (Co written with Lauren Hopkinson)

Ask, and Ye Shall Recieve

I stare at the sky,
The stars shining bright,
I sit and wonder,
If I am in the right.

I sit and think,
Does He know who I am?
As I wonder on,
I think of a plan.

I get down to my knees,
My arms folded close to me,
I speak softly and ask,
Who should I be?

The answer is here,
In this great book,
Written with care,
All I need to do, is look.


Just for Fun

(This isn't finished yet, this is all I have)

A wicked thought,
Passes over me,
A brilliant plan,
To cream.

It may seem weird,
Or even dumb,
That's fine with me,
You won't get some.

-Bri :)

Death Town

Snow flying through the air,
Trees swaying heavy with ice,
Air cold and crisp,
Grey and cloudy skies.

People passing,
Their faces blurred,
Blank and pale,
Eyes dark and unsure.

Buildings lining the roads,
Tall and daunting,
Crows flying overhead,
A place so haunting.

Fences closing in,
Blocking out all good,
This place is scary,
A creepy neighborhood.


Broken Heart

He left,
He's gone,
Not here,
I knew all along.

He was my one,
He was the only,
My other half,
Now I'm so lonely.

He was so sweet,
So full of love,
But I'm cast aside,
Like an old glove.

I guess I was wrong,
He didn't love me,
So I'll move on,
Feeling very sorry.



My stomach is turning,
My eyes are wide,
I smile warmly,
When he's at my side.

I often think,
That I'm in love,
It makes me feel,
much like a dove.

But I know,
The feelings fake,
Although I think,
I see a wedding cake.

Though I wish,
I could marry him,
I know as well,
The prospects dim.


What is Love?

What is love?
It's the birds song,
In early spring,
It's the exchanging of,
Two silver wedding rings.

What is love?
Its a hug and a kiss,
Exchanged between lovers,
Or given to a child,
From affectionate mothers.

What is love?
It'sa good book,
Or a beautiful picture,
It's reading a poem,
Or a comforting scripture.

What is love?
It's God in the sky,
It's family and friends,
It's staying together,
Until the very end.

What is love?
So hard to define,
And yet it is here,
Love you will find,



When I see your name,
On the screen of my cell,
My heart pumps faster,
Everyone can tell.

I talk to you all the time,
About nothing in particular,
For hours on end,
Or a very large integer.

Your mannerisms make me smile,
The way you are with kids,
You mess around all the time,
The way you alwayse forgive.

I am happy when I talk to you,
And sad when I can't,
When I tell you something,
You always understand.

Sometimes I wish,
You'd be interested in me,
But too often I think,
That it just can't be.



For Bert.

There's a gap,
A gaping hole,
An absence,
Sadness beyond control.

A blurry face,
Smiling sweetly,
An echoed laugh,
Flowing over me.

My eyes mist,
Tears falling freely,
Hands shaking,
Loose control completely.

She left me here,
Not thinking I would cry,
Why did she have to leave?
Why did she have to die?

I AM crying,
My eyes are puffy and red,
My ears are pounding,
So many things I should've said.

A hello in the hallway,
As we passed eachother there,
A smile or a hug,
Just to show I care.

Regretting all the times,
I could've said hi,
Never imagining,
I'd never say good bye.

I'll miss you always,
And remember how you sneezed,
How you always made me smile,
How you always believed.

In the end you made a choice,
To join God sooner than most,
But no judgement comes from me,
As you join the Holy Host.

There's still a gap,
A gaping hole,
But Bert was a wonderful person,
Who had a beautiful soul.


Wind Chimes

The air is full of windchimes,
Chiming in the air,
With musical little tinkles,
No sound could ever compare.

The chimes hang from trees,
Surrounding the small beach,
Slowly we walk forward,
Our lives seeming complete,

The wind floats softly over me,
Across my face and arms,
Across my hand entwined with his,
Sending off silent alarms.

My skin feels electrified,
As we walk hand in hand,
His whisper in my ear,
Our feet in the sand,

His face lights up,
With a mischevious light,
As he pulls me toward the water,
I don't put up a fight.

The sand between my toes,
The wind in my hair,
The water climbing my legs,
The music in the air,

The sun set splashes over us,
As the water swirls round,
Our eyes lock,
Not making a sound.

I catch my breath,
Stare deeply in his eyes,
The moment perfect,
No words can describe

He leans towards me,
My heart skips a beat,
My eyes closed tight,
Our lips meet.


American Soldier

The night is cold,
The air is still,
All are nervous,
We’ll fight to kill.

The moon is shining,
My arms are tense,
They are coming,
This is my chance.

A chance for honor?
Or a chance for glory?
No, for love and for happiness,
For Life, and for Liberty.

I see their faces,
Their stony eyes,
We’re fighting to win,
Or die otherwise.

I’m at the front,
I take my aim,
My gun fires loud,
This isn’t a game.

The noise is loud,
Cannons booming,
Men shouting,
Demons pursuing.

Retreating fast,
I stumble and slip,
My arms are flailing,
I feel slightly sick.

My heart races,
My stomachs twirling,
I hit the ground,
I feel like hurling.

My hands are trampled,
I lay flat on my back,
Men stumble past me,
I hear a loud crack.

Pain surges over me,
My eyes start to water,
I try to stand up,
Wishing for Father.

My head hurts,
My hearts pounding,
A bullet strikes me,
My eyes start clouding.

The pain is unbearable,
It hurts too much,
I collapse to the ground,
In need of a crutch.

I lay there quietly,
As it begins to snow,
I begin to pray,
For what, I don’t know.

The dark enfolds me,
Oh, sweet peace,
The pain is receding,
It begins to cease.


12th Day of Christmas

12 drummers drumming,
Would be a wondrous sight,
But they were already booked,
at the Anchorage Symphony tonight

So we brought some drumsticks,
That taste fantastic,
And believe us,
We aren’t being sarcastic.

We all wish for presents,
We all wish for snow,
We wish for lots of money,
But do we really know?

Christmas is a season,
To celebrate with cheer,
The birth of Jesus Christ,
It becomes so clear.

The true meaning of Christmas,
Of family and friends,
Is that we stick together,
Even after the season ends.

So we bid you farewell,
And a Merry Christmas,
And hope that you will,
Always remember us.


Diamonds in the Sky

I walk along a lonely path,
My face blank and with regret,
I realize just how much I've missed,
But indeed it isn't hopeless yet.

If I could do,
What I forgot,
If I would do,
I might have a shot.

A shot at reconciling,
Who I'd offended,
A chance to appreciate,
WHo once condescended.

To look at the trees,
And smell the flowers,
To help and hold up,
The noble cowards.

I would smile and wave,
At those who passed,
I would sing and dance,
To add contrast.

The lives of others,
Would be touched by me,
The lives of others,
Would change you see.

If I would be willing,
To see the light,
If I were willing,
To hold them tight.

Would you come back,
And keep me safe?
Would you come back,
And stay for my sake?

I felt so lonely,
But the path was clear,
I knew all along,
But was full of fear.

The sky before,
Was dark and dreary,
But now I see,
The diamonds quite clearly.

They are guidance,
To those who are lost,
Like Guardian Angels,
With voices soft.

The Guardian Angels,
Shone clear and bright,
They sat and waited,
To help me through the night,

Their love for me,
Touched my heart,
Gave me an idea,
On where to start.

The Angels gave me a goal,
To change a random person's life,
Feeding with love their delicate soul,
To end all their misery and strife.

Thank you Diamond Angels,
Of the sky,
To whom I am indebted,
Until I die.



Words that sting,
Feeling hated,
Taking it personally.

No one loves me,
No one cares,
My heart is hurt,
I turn to prayers.

Why don't they love me?
Why critisize?
They don't see the hurt,
Lingering in my eyes.

My faith in them,
Is low and leaving,
My heart tells me,
To stop believing.

They yell at me,
Or just imply,
How I disappoint them,
It makes me cry.

Life is confusing,
Saying different things,
One day a peasant,
The next a King.

Some messages are good,
Uplifting and true,
Others give distress and worry,
Always depressing you.

But one thing I know,
And will always believe,
I'll pull on my armor,
And place my sword in it's sheath.

The armor will protect me,
From feeling too depressed,
I won't bottle it up deep inside,
I won't be surpressed.

My heart will soar,
Whether they like it or not,
They won't know who I am,
I still have a shot.

I am loved,
Although sometimes I don't feel it,
People don't realize,
Because I conceal it.

They don't realize I hurt,
Or how much I cry,
Just yell and scream,
Wish I could say good bye.

Sometimes we just have to forgive,
Even though it's hard to forget,
It's easier to start over again,
Than to be forever upset.