Saturday, January 1, 2011

Diamonds in the Sky

I walk along a lonely path,
My face blank and with regret,
I realize just how much I've missed,
But indeed it isn't hopeless yet.

If I could do,
What I forgot,
If I would do,
I might have a shot.

A shot at reconciling,
Who I'd offended,
A chance to appreciate,
WHo once condescended.

To look at the trees,
And smell the flowers,
To help and hold up,
The noble cowards.

I would smile and wave,
At those who passed,
I would sing and dance,
To add contrast.

The lives of others,
Would be touched by me,
The lives of others,
Would change you see.

If I would be willing,
To see the light,
If I were willing,
To hold them tight.

Would you come back,
And keep me safe?
Would you come back,
And stay for my sake?

I felt so lonely,
But the path was clear,
I knew all along,
But was full of fear.

The sky before,
Was dark and dreary,
But now I see,
The diamonds quite clearly.

They are guidance,
To those who are lost,
Like Guardian Angels,
With voices soft.

The Guardian Angels,
Shone clear and bright,
They sat and waited,
To help me through the night,

Their love for me,
Touched my heart,
Gave me an idea,
On where to start.

The Angels gave me a goal,
To change a random person's life,
Feeding with love their delicate soul,
To end all their misery and strife.

Thank you Diamond Angels,
Of the sky,
To whom I am indebted,
Until I die.


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