Saturday, January 1, 2011


For Bert.

There's a gap,
A gaping hole,
An absence,
Sadness beyond control.

A blurry face,
Smiling sweetly,
An echoed laugh,
Flowing over me.

My eyes mist,
Tears falling freely,
Hands shaking,
Loose control completely.

She left me here,
Not thinking I would cry,
Why did she have to leave?
Why did she have to die?

I AM crying,
My eyes are puffy and red,
My ears are pounding,
So many things I should've said.

A hello in the hallway,
As we passed eachother there,
A smile or a hug,
Just to show I care.

Regretting all the times,
I could've said hi,
Never imagining,
I'd never say good bye.

I'll miss you always,
And remember how you sneezed,
How you always made me smile,
How you always believed.

In the end you made a choice,
To join God sooner than most,
But no judgement comes from me,
As you join the Holy Host.

There's still a gap,
A gaping hole,
But Bert was a wonderful person,
Who had a beautiful soul.


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