Saturday, January 1, 2011


The first ship,
Sailed on the sea,
Carrying with it,
A large company.

They landed on Plymouth,
And signed a compact,
For God and for King,
They made this contract.

Their burdens were heavy,
Their lives were hard,
They were visionaries,
To none are compared.

Their lineage leads,
To the making of,
A nation and country,
That we all know and love.

Men fought for it,
Men died in battle,
They sacrificed their lives,
Generals sit in their saddle.

America the beautiful,
America the sweet,
Home of the brave,
Who died on their feet.

America was made,
By the hands of the people,
And two lanterns lit,
In the churches steeple.

George Washignton,
Patrick Henry,
John Adams,
and John Quincey.

Abraham Lincoln,
and Robert E. Lee,
These are the people,
Who made this country.


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