Saturday, January 1, 2011


Words that sting,
Feeling hated,
Taking it personally.

No one loves me,
No one cares,
My heart is hurt,
I turn to prayers.

Why don't they love me?
Why critisize?
They don't see the hurt,
Lingering in my eyes.

My faith in them,
Is low and leaving,
My heart tells me,
To stop believing.

They yell at me,
Or just imply,
How I disappoint them,
It makes me cry.

Life is confusing,
Saying different things,
One day a peasant,
The next a King.

Some messages are good,
Uplifting and true,
Others give distress and worry,
Always depressing you.

But one thing I know,
And will always believe,
I'll pull on my armor,
And place my sword in it's sheath.

The armor will protect me,
From feeling too depressed,
I won't bottle it up deep inside,
I won't be surpressed.

My heart will soar,
Whether they like it or not,
They won't know who I am,
I still have a shot.

I am loved,
Although sometimes I don't feel it,
People don't realize,
Because I conceal it.

They don't realize I hurt,
Or how much I cry,
Just yell and scream,
Wish I could say good bye.

Sometimes we just have to forgive,
Even though it's hard to forget,
It's easier to start over again,
Than to be forever upset.


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