Saturday, July 30, 2011


Stinky, cold, wet, dirty,
Staying up until 10:30,
Slimy, nasty, icky, gross,
Feel like washing in a hose,
Is there a hose? Not right here,
The wind is blowing, the sky's not clear,
My hair is tangled and full of dirt,
Pulling a brush through it hurts.
Fishing stinks, fishing's stupid,
And my appearance does nothing to help Cupid.
Wish I was home, wish I could take a shower,
Wish for some other food, I'm feeling kind of sour.
Time is passing slowly, I'm falling asleep,
Next moment I'm in the water, feeling like I should weep.
Or maybe it's could...I would, too,
But there's people around, so there's nothing I can do.
Stinky, cold, wet, dirty-
Is that a cute guy getting flirty?
Fun times, good times, happy as can be,
I'm dip-netting, fishing, clear skies (as far as I can see).


Helenmarie said...

*giggles* Sheer genius.

Bri said...

Silly gooose!