Sunday, May 29, 2011

Simple Things

"Be grateful for the simple things",
That’s what they always say,
But until a couple days ago,
I didn’t really appreciate.
What things I have this day and age,
How little I have to deal with,
But something has changed inside me,
I know now that life is a gift.
The thought of the work those pioneers did,
Makes me want to cry,
The thought of those who died for freedom,
Always makes me sigh.
A two week old who died of cold,
No shelter or enclosure,
An 11 year old boy protecting his brother,
Died of over exposure.
Imagine all the struggles they had,
Imagine what they did,
How they crossed the plains with pride,
They survived because they didn’t quit.
I’m grateful for all the little things,
And the Pioneers won’t die in vain,
They accomplished what God asked of them,
And their memory will always remain.


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