Monday, May 30, 2011


I stare into the mirror almost 24/7,
Examining my face, my eyes, my hair,
I wasn’t self-conscious til the year I turned eleven,
Now when I see myself I think “it isn’t fair”.
“I’m not as pretty as the other girls”,
“I’m not skinny enough”,
No matter how perfectly my hair curls,
I’ve still got it rough,
My nose is too big, my eyes are too small,
My face is blotchy and I’ve got zits on my hairline,
I wish I had a wig, I wish I wasn’t tall,
When I ask how I look, everyone says “fine”.
But I don’t want fine, I don’t want plain,
I want to shine, not hide in shame.
I wish my eyes weren't muddy brown,
I wish they'd make people think how brightly they gleam,
I wish that when I look in the mirror I wouldn't frown,
I wish that none of me was really as it seems.
Am I being selfish? Shallow? …naive?
How sad it makes me you couldn't believe.
Who am I? Why am I here? I'm not pretty, I'm not cute,
I am sure as anything not gorgeous, these compliments are mute.
Maybe in time...I'll learn to cope,
Maybe in time...that's what I hope.


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Anonymous said...

It's like reading my own thoughts except they rhyme all pretty-like...