Monday, February 21, 2011

The Second Coming

You, me, us, together,
Life seems to go on forever,
People, places, houses, things,
All we see is objects not human beings,
Teens texting and Facebook users,
Youtube bloggers or like button abusers,
Fantasy, fiction, fake, unreal,
Lies the government conceals,
Trees that grow or get chopped down,
Falling freely to the ground,
Blue skies covered all in grey,
24 hours to a day,
Babies crying or peacefully sleeping,
Ovens, microwaves, monitors beeping,
Somebody weeping, Liberty’s sleeping, freedom living, but no one’s giving.
Siblings fighting, government lying, people sighing, no use crying,
Smoking, drinking, partying, sinning,
The world is falling, no one’s winning,
Cities flooded or covered in snow,
What’s going on? No one knows.
Who is no one? The people, the mob, the crowd, the mass,
Things in scriptures come to pass
All the wicked and sinners will have to pay,
The Second Coming is on its way