Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hurt to the Core

I’m crying, although I don’t know exactly why,
What is it that has made me cry?
Betrayal, I was stabbed in the back,
She was a friend with a dreadful loss of tact.
Tears in my eyes and anger in my fists,
It is true that I am thoroughly pissed.
Why am I in the wrong? What does she know?
Was she the one he tore a part, has she sunk so low?
Am I the one who’s the jerk, the farce, the liar?
The one who should be under fire?
Does she know how he treated me?
The way I felt…does she actually see?
Why can’t I explain it, why is it so hard?
Doesn’t she see I’ll be forever scarred?
I know she’s been hurt, and she’s hurting still,
But why am I the one who has to chill?
She’s attacking me with venom in her words,
Accusations that seem to me to be absurd.
I just want to swerve, move out of the way,
Smooth it over, so there’s no more to say.
But that’s not possible, no not at all,
It’s gone on too long, there’s no time to stall.
I did like him, I almost loved him,
I thought that I knew him, but the truth is grim.
He’s not who he says, nor who he plays,
He’s an actor who throws lies in scattered arrays.
She may not know this nor ever believe it,
But he was and is a jerk, even if she can’t perceive it.
I’m sorry to say it, but I can’t conceal it,
He was mean and cruel and I have to reveal it.
I wish I could go back to before when I didn’t know,
When I was innocent with a heavenly glow,
But I guess I wouldn’t be who I am now,
So I depart, with an extravagant bow.



Paradox said...

im sorry

you had changed ever so slightly
and i was dreaming about what it might be,
i thought that maybe i could bring you back,
a friend told me an illogical fact,
by becoming a jerk it would turn back the clock,
it would go back to how we used to talk,
you had changed and so had i,
i was the one who decided to lie,
i was the actor the farce and the liar,
ive already been burned, please no more fire,
i hope you forgive as i forgave you,
and if you dont, i understand, i was a tool,
but remember, the only person you hurt by not forgiving, is you.
remember the time i told you i would never stop trying?
i tried to listen in a stupid way,
and now it looks like i never stopped lieing,
your trust for me has been swept away,
justly so, i must pay,
i turn to the audience and ask them a question,
was it me or her who commited greater transgression?
retarded inquiry they reply,
for you were in the wrong and she in the right,
for you said you would listen,
and instead you began to fight,
aloof asshole needs to burn,
we'll bottle the ashes and break the urn,
i turn to sabrina, who almost left the stage,
im sorry

do you have something to say?

Taciturn said...

Aye fool, I have something to say,
For what, may I ask, have you forgave?
I myself have been hurt, yes,
But I believe I have not transgressed.
I was mean at the end, but for good cause,
To protect myself from further flaws.
You yourself were cruel, even if by “mistake”,
Because that illogical fact from your friend you did take,
You put into action, and started to swear,
Didn’t you know that I would care?
The last few months I’ve let it slide,
But now disdain from my hands I cannot hide.
Your perverted comments and swearing annoy me,
Even if your charm used to control me,
I always thought maybe you would change,
But knowing you better you’ve gotten more strange,
You know how words affect me…how they make me feel,
And yet, your knowledge of that you conceal,
I don’t know you, and I never did,
And the thing is…I don’t know what to forgive.
What did I do that is so wrong?
With you and your “you-ness” I never belonged.
I stare at myself in the mirror,
Think back on how we used to talk,
And you know what I’ve finally realized?
I don’t want to turn back the clock.