Sunday, April 10, 2011


It was awkward and strange,
Seeing you there,
It’s been awhile since we talked,
I tried not to stare.
I avoided eye contact,
And looking your way,
I hope I wasn’t rude,
I had nothing to say.
The silence was strained,
Tension in the air,
Wishing I hadn’t said no,
Wishing I didn’t have to care.
I hate emotions,
So stupid and thoughtless,
Why not get rid of them,
They do nothing for us.
They create drama,
And play with your mind,
Why don’t we dump them,
And leave them behind.
They can sit there alone,
In a depressing hole,
Bottled up and alone,
Deep within my soul.
People say it’s unhealthy,
Not good to do,
But I’ll do it anyway,
So I won’t feel pain seeing you.
Alas, it’s not possible,
It’s still awkward and strange,
Even if it's for the better,

My view point won't change...


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