Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Feel of the Ocean

I breathe deeply, taking it in,
The smell of the salt, the feel of the wind,
The sky a pale blue, with wisps of a cloud,
The sound of the ocean, comforting and loud,
As I sit in the sand, I dig my toes deep,
So comforting and warm, I could almost fall asleep.
The sun’s shining bright, high in the sky,
As I wait for a sailboat to catch my eye,
There’s a sailor there, tall and refined,
With deep tanned skin and eyes so kind,
He sails through the wind on a brand new schooner,
A smile on his face full of mischief and wonder,
Across the way, riding a wave, a bright yacht sails majestically,
Its captain stands tall, with eyes bright, standing next to his beautiful wife,
Sail boats of every size pass through the water with a graceful glide,
All different colors and kinds, how, I say, will I ever decide?
The wind continues to rush over my arms, over my face, like a magic charm,
As I sit laid back on the comfortable beach, my mind wanders far out of reach,
Across the waters deep and blue, far away from the hurt and nearer to the new,
The sun shines bright and there’s a smell of salt in the air,
I reach up to fly, the wind rushing through my hair,
Then suddenly I’m back, laying in the sand, but you’re sitting there, holding my hand,
With a smile on your face and laughter in your eyes, you pick me up with a yell
Bounding towards the ocean, I scream in delight as the water washes over us,
And with that my mind cleared all the faraway places, concentrating on now,
I remember the reason, why I love you so much, and when I smile, I know you can tell.


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