Monday, March 5, 2012


Hello my dear, how’s it going? Whatcha been up to my dear?
Whatcha been doin? I’ve been waiting and waiting for you to appear.
Thirteen more days! Only thirteen I say!
Can you believe how fast time flies, day by day?
I can’t count on my hands, fingers, and toes,
How many times “You’re so beautiful!” arose.
Inside my head of course…cuz that’s what you are,
The most beautiful and gorgeous little lady by far.
With many insides jokes to draw from,
Wife and Wife we decided to become,
For Facebook ordained it with its tagging status,
Constantly pushing and nagging at us.
We scare little children, but that’s okay,
They’ll regret someday the way they ran away.
Because we’d feed them with love and sugar,
How much more could the little ones ask for?
We suck at bowling, and trying on clothes,
But I swear, that dripping ice cream required a hose.
Oh, that’s what this’s for…*pulls out napkin*
I got ice cream all over my arms, legs, and shin.
Well, that was extremely fun,
And who knew then what had begun?
So, mah dear, you really are gorgeous,
And I love you like ice cream, more or less.
Because, I couldn’t live without ice cream,
I would die, after a long, healthy, scream.
So, thank you for being an amazing wife and friend,
And I request, most humbly, that this relationship never end.
So all others out there, BACK OFF, SHE’S MINE!
Beka dear, will you be my Valentine?


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