Monday, February 21, 2011

The Second Coming

You, me, us, together,
Life seems to go on forever,
People, places, houses, things,
All we see is objects not human beings,
Teens texting and Facebook users,
Youtube bloggers or like button abusers,
Fantasy, fiction, fake, unreal,
Lies the government conceals,
Trees that grow or get chopped down,
Falling freely to the ground,
Blue skies covered all in grey,
24 hours to a day,
Babies crying or peacefully sleeping,
Ovens, microwaves, monitors beeping,
Somebody weeping, Liberty’s sleeping, freedom living, but no one’s giving.
Siblings fighting, government lying, people sighing, no use crying,
Smoking, drinking, partying, sinning,
The world is falling, no one’s winning,
Cities flooded or covered in snow,
What’s going on? No one knows.
Who is no one? The people, the mob, the crowd, the mass,
Things in scriptures come to pass
All the wicked and sinners will have to pay,
The Second Coming is on its way

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Beautiful Girl

Look at my beautiful girl,
Look at her tiny toes!
Look at my beautiful girl,
Look at her cute little clothes!
Look at my beautiful girl,
At her sparkling blue eyes!
Look at my beautiful girl,
At how time flies!
Look at my beautiful girl,
Growing up so fast!
Look at my beautiful girl,
Why doesn’t this last?
Look at my beautiful girl,
With her chubby cheeks,
Look at my beautiful girl,
As she learns to speak!
Look at my beautiful girl,
Who giggles and smiles galore,
Look at my beautiful girl,
Who’s crawling all over the floor!
Look at my beautiful girl,
Slowly growing up,
Look at my beautiful girl,
Now drinking out of a cup!
Look at my beautiful girl,
Learning how to read!
Look at my beautiful girl,
Learning how to lead!
Look at my beautiful girl,
Lying on the bed,
Still small, angelic,
With a halo round her head.


Monday, February 14, 2011


You say you’ll always love me,
That I have your heart,
You say you’ll never leave me,
That we’ll never be apart.
I said it wouldn’t work,
Don’t you understand?
Don’t reel me in again,
Don’t reach out your hand.
You know of course I’ll take it,
As you pull me bit by bit,
You teach me commands,
Speak, roll-over, sit.
I cover my ears with my hands,
And hide my face in my arms,
Hiding from your magic spell,
From your irresistible charm.
As much as I care for you,
It’s only as a friend,
You say you’ll always love me,
Your heart will never mend.
Gosh, you know you’re sweet,
And lovable to boot,
But I am not in love with you,
That’s the irrefutable truth.


Singles Awareness Day

It’s Valentine’s Day,
Singles Awareness Day,
It’s today, Monday,
But I’m still happy.
How odd,
Aren’t I supposed to be sad?
Well I’m not,
Why am I not mad?
Aren’t I supposed to curse V-day?
Or stab baby Cupid?
Take away his bow,
Because I feel stupid?
This is rather weird,
A new sensation,
One of contentment,
Or exhilaration.
V-day can’t pull me down,
And make me sad,
No romance is needed,
To make ME glad!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Once Again

Once again,
The tears are falling,
I’m so confused,
My heart is calling.
Why pick me?
Can’t we just be friends?
My feelings torn,
This always happens.
They fall for me,
Or I fall for them,
But it never works,

Not in the end.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Letter From Him

A letter,
Just lying there,
I can only stare.
My heart pumps,
My face turns red,
It’s for me,
Wonder what he said.
Hands fumble,
I open the seal,
His writing,
A warmth I can feel.
He asks me,
If I am okay,
How am I doing?
What to say…
Short and sweet,
The letter ends,
He said “Yours always”,
*Reads again*


Friday, February 11, 2011

World War II

Once again,
We’ve gone to war,
Resorted to violence,
But what for?
For the people?
For fame or glory or greed?
How feeble
It’s so hard,
To watch them go,
The tough old men and young boys,
They struck low
The Germans,
And Japanese,
Taking our hard working men,
As they please
Now woman,
No longer home,
Are working for food and child,
All alone


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So many choices
Leading in different directions
So many voices
Giving diverse expectations
Should I pursue school?
Go to college, get a degree?
Or, should I stay home?
Not knowing what or who I could be?
And, when said that way,
The choice ought to, HAS to be clear,
But what can I say?
It isn’t, I’m still full of fear
It requires so much:
Dedication and concentration
Things I barely touch
Not to mention the motivation
It gets harder still
When people push me down with scorn,
And whatever will,
I once possessed is sadly worn
So many voices,
Giving different expectations,
So many choices,
But I’ll give myself directions

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm a Leader

I've got my problems and my challenges,
I've got a mind and have formed opinions,
I take responsibility for me,
I do laundry and watch little minions.

I do my school like any other kid,
Often reluctant, but I get it done!
I can be serious and snazzy too,
Because what girl doesn't want to have fun?

But soemtimes people underestimate,
The power and intelligence I have,
They see "teen" in my age, so they assume,
I'm not worth their time, and they start to laugh

But guess what world? You may think this strange,
But I'm a leader, and this world I'll change!


When Love Strikes

When the mind and heart are tangled,
Fighting love and logic,
When ones throat feels tight and strangled,
Leaving one’s middle sick
When tears are tempted down pale cheeks,
Making red lips tremble,
When legs stand immobile and weak,
No one moves a muscle
When two hearts or a luckless one,
Fall deeply into love,
When their soul-mate’s finally won,
They’ll thank heaven above
Then life’s perception starts to change,
The pieces seem to fall apart,
Like a puzzle we rearrange,
Giving us a new start