Thursday, November 3, 2011

Deceiving Myself

I'm pulling a blind over my eyes,
Hiding quietly from myself,
Never expressing my true feelings,
Ignoring any queries about my health,
I'm lying to my face,
A blank mask in the form of a wall,
There's a pounding against my shield,
Something determined to make it fall,
I'm lying for my heart,
I'm lying in my head,
I'm lying silently,
As I'm filled full of dread,
Where do the lies end,
And reality begin?
Where is the line drawn?
When does it become a sin?
Do people see right through me?
Past the thick mask I've created?
Is it only a matter of time,
Before it's obliterated?
So, when will it crumble?
When will it fail?
When will my lies be discovered,
And what will it entail?
Still, I pull the blind fast over my eyes,
Hiding still more from myself, 
I blot out my emotions, betray my feelings,
Stack them away on a hidden shelf.


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