Saturday, July 30, 2011


Stinky, cold, wet, dirty,
Staying up until 10:30,
Slimy, nasty, icky, gross,
Feel like washing in a hose,
Is there a hose? Not right here,
The wind is blowing, the sky's not clear,
My hair is tangled and full of dirt,
Pulling a brush through it hurts.
Fishing stinks, fishing's stupid,
And my appearance does nothing to help Cupid.
Wish I was home, wish I could take a shower,
Wish for some other food, I'm feeling kind of sour.
Time is passing slowly, I'm falling asleep,
Next moment I'm in the water, feeling like I should weep.
Or maybe it's could...I would, too,
But there's people around, so there's nothing I can do.
Stinky, cold, wet, dirty-
Is that a cute guy getting flirty?
Fun times, good times, happy as can be,
I'm dip-netting, fishing, clear skies (as far as I can see).

Friday, July 15, 2011

Self Confidence

The fog is closing in,
Blocking out the light,
My confidence is dim,
I feel lost, without my sight.
It’s hard to make decisions,
When you’re bombarded constantly,
With everyone’s opinions,
But how they see is not for me.
Sometimes I lose my patience,
And that causes some repercussions,
I lose what respect I used to have,
But you know I've gained self confidence.
I’ve learned to be myself,
And to ignore the many insults,
I’m comfortable as me (sort of),
And I’m happy with the results.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mr. Right

Love hurts, even if it isn't true,
Sometimes they say they're in love,
But later you realize, not with you,
But you can't begin holding a grudge,
You've got to move on and find someone better,
You're one of a kind, unique, embrace it,
If they don't see that, don't be sending them letters,
They're not worth it, you have to face it.
Believe me when I say, I know what you're going through,
And I know how hard it is to let them go,
Sometimes it seems they don’t have a clue,
And you can’t help thinking “they should know”,
But you’re still young yet,
Still naïve in the ways of life,
And sometimes we like to forget,
And cause ourselves grief and strife,
Please don’t make yourself unhappy,
Please forget about him and be who you are,
Move on, live your life, smile and be happy,
Do this and you know you’ll go far,
Have faith and be strong,
Pray to God each day and night,
And you know it won’t take too long,
For Him to send you Mr. Right.