Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kind of Depressed

I’m hollow. Carved out. No emotion except sadness left behind.
I’m empty. Alone. I want to find that one person who will be mine.
But how can I? I’m so young. That wish can’t come true.
I need to get my mind off him, but it’s something I can’t seem to do.
I always feel so inadequate, and argue with my friends,
About unimportant things, like looks, that always seems to offend.
It’s not my intention; I just can’t seem to express myself,
They don’t seem to understand; I could be jeopardizing my health,
Okay, that’s not true. Crying never hurt anyone,
And that’s all I do; hide in a corner, cry, and avoid having fun,
Because it’s not really fun; not when I’m always so low,
Excuse this poem; it just helps my feelings flow,
Unending sorrow; that’s not the right explanation,
Feels like there’s no tomorrow; this isn’t the right description.
Sometimes I just feel like crying and staying in bed,
“Life sucks” and “love stinks”, both things the world said.
How that applies to now, you figure it out,
I just feel so insecure, so much doubt.
People pressure me a lot, and I can’t make decisions,
I’m always so impulsive and quick in my conclusions.
They lead to things I don’t like and bad situations,
Like Romeo, and Chelsea, and bad inspirations.
I’d explain, but I’m ashamed. I feel alone, but I know I’m not,
I’m not ugly, I’m rather vain. Its just attention I’ve sought.
Some pictures I really don’t like, and hate when others do,
Because they think I hate myself, which I try to say isn’t true.
But then I’m laughed at and called….well, vain.
And that kind of thing drives me insane.
I hate being dismissed with words like “duh” and “whatever”,
It makes me feel like lying in bed, frozen, forever.
So this is all. And I’ve finally confessed.
As you can see, I’m kind of depressed.