Monday, January 23, 2012

I've Missed this Feeling

I’ve missed this feeling of butterflies,
Of delicate wings tickling my tummy,
Of feeling laughter bubbling up,
This feeling of being happy.
I’ve missed this time of silliness,
Of always feeling giddy,
Doodling hearts for a reason,
The need to be witty.
Dancing around in my pj’s,
Singing songs until my voice cracks,
Spinning in circles and staring into space,
Realizing how much my life lacks.
I’ve missed giggling and being hyper,
Missed my heart beating fast,
Missed accidentally blushing,
Thinking how long it would last.
I feel like chains have been removed,
And it’s like I could fly,
The wind beckoning softly,
If only I lift my wings and try.
I’ve missed this feeling,
Of laughter and delight,
The butterflies, the wings,
Feeling like everything is right.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Loss of Gravity

It’s like gravity’s suddenly been reversed,
And you don’t know which way’s up,
It’s like riding a roller coaster without a bar,
And you can’t wait for it to stop.
Your mind feels like sludge,
And your words come out garbled,
Your confusion never ending,
Every sound leaving you startled.
You’re upside down, then right side up,
On the ground, then standing straight,
You’re depressed, you’re pleased,
You think it’s all worth the wait.
You don’t know what to think,
You’re confused, frustrated, alone,
Content, free, exultant,
Exasperated and on your own.
You cover your ears and hide your face,
Attempting to make it back to reality,
There's gotta be a solution,
But no one hears your plea.